Who Are We

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We are

Stephen & Liezl Fitzpatrick

Queenie and Olive

We currently live in Traralgon which is located in the Latrobe Valley region of Victoria in Australia.

Liezl and Queenie were both born in Cagdianao and Olive was born in Surigao.

Stephen & Liezl were married on October 2 2003 in Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Cagdianao and moved to Australia on March 2 2005


The Econar Family

Francisco Ga Econar (Tatay) Aug 1948
Norma Perez Econar (Nanay) Feb 1949
Their 8 Children
Franciso Perez Econar Jr (Francis) Apr 1971
Married Ofelia
Mikko L Aug 1995
Jan Mitch Jan/1998
Mark Oct 2002
Liezl Econar Fitzpatrick Sep 1972 Married Stephen
Queenie Apr 1996
Olive Apr 1999
Alma Econarr Petilo Mar 1974 Married Eddie (Toto)
Deef Feb 1997
Marian Feb 1999
    Rhiana Jul 2013
Bernard Perez Ecoanr Aug 1975 Married Anabelle
Avon Joy (Joy) Aug 1993
Bernadette Grace (Grace) Jul 2001
Princess Bea (Princess) Apr 2007
Isagani (Gani) Jul 1977 Married Maritess
Gani Joe Mari (Dodong) Mar /1999
Gaylle Mark (Teting) Apr /2000
Jack Jun /1980 Married Ali
Alexander (AJ) Aug /2004
Gretchen Sep 1985
Lovely Apr 1988


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